Mishpacha House
"being who God created you to be"

Mishpacha House is a faith based organization that provides transitional housing and life skill training for men. It offers assistance to men, frequently homeless, as they move from drug and alcohol dependency, into healthy independent, self-sufficient lifestyles.

Mishpacha House’s mission is to provide men of San Diego a safe transitional housing alternative, teach a multitude of skills to empower men to self-sufficiency, and facilitate God’s Love and healing in their lives.
So that they can be everything that God created them to be

Mishpacha House is a church. A hospital. A school. A family.

As a church, it’s an opportunity to share the Gospel. It’s a place, not only to hear the Word of God, but to see it in action. It’s a place for worship, fellowship and to celebrate what He did on the Cross for us all.

As a hospital, it’s a place to come for healing prayer. It’s a safe place to restore the broken hearted, to mend physical infirmities, to set minds free to know the truth and to raise the dead into a new life.


As a school, it’s a place for everyone to learn the heart of Jesus. It’s a place to practice the gifts the Lord has given us all. It’s a place to be trained, coached and counseled in the ways of God.

As a family, we come together for encouragement and accountability. We defend one another from the enemy. We learn to love each other as Christ loves us (sacrificially and unconditionally), nurturing each other in a life given to God.

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